PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE LED_Feedback form and LED distribution feeders Phase2 FROM THE LINKS BELOW;

  1. LED_Feedback form
  2. LED distribution feeders Phase2



                                                                                             TERMS & CONDITIONS

  1. Distribution will TARGET ONLY customers residing along the Selected Feeders who have an Umeme account number and not all Umeme customers.

  2. The customer will receive ONLY 3 LED bulbs in exchange for 3 of their ordinary bulbs.

  3. Without ordinary bulbs to exchange, one is not eligible to receive the 3 LED bulbs.

  4. The customer must have filled and handed in the Customer Information Form to the distributors in order to be eligible to receive the 3 LED bulbs.

  5. In the event that the customer is not available at home when the distribution team visits, the team will not return to those premises.