• Umeme will meet the cost of Yaka! installation for domestic and ordinary commercial customers within the project areas.
  • Your current postpaid and the new prepaid tariffs are the same rate as approved by Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA). The tariffs change quarterly, i.e every three (3) months.

The Yaka! meter remains the property of Umeme Ltd. 

Conversion to prepaid service for all existing domestic and ordinary commercial customers attracts NO charges.

For all new connections, please note the requirements here.

A new meter will be installed on the pole, in a tamper-proof meter box. A swipe card and a Customer Interface Unit (CIU), which will allow you to monitor your energy consumption, will be installed in a convenient place inside your home. You will also be given a copy of the meter installation form.

The Yaka! meter remains property of UMEME Ltd.

The Electricity Regulatory Authority approved rates will apply.

This entirely depends on your power consumption habits. You can purchase as much power as you require.

Currently Yaka! tokens can be purchased from;

  • UMEME Offices.
  • All mobile platforms via MTN, Airtel/Warid, M-Sente and Africell (Orange) mobile money networks.
  • All PayWay and EzeeMoney vending outlets.
  • Supermarkets: Nakumatt Bugolobi & Oasis Mall
  • Partner Banks: Standard Chartered Bank, Post Bank, Bank of Africa, Crane Bank, Orient Bank, Diamond Trust Bank, Housing Finance, Bank of Baroda, DFCU Bank, Barclays Bank, and Centenary Bank.

Upon purchase, you will be given a 20-digit Yaka! token. All you have to do is enter the 20-digit number into the CIU. Check out our Yaka! Easy Guide for more.

In case of any problem in loading / topping up Yaka credit, please call 0800 185 185 for help.

You can change ownership of the Yaka! Account following the same standard UMEME procedures.

This will be the process we shall follow to switch you to Yaka!:

  • Both you and UMEME will sign off the final meter reading on the day of switch over.
  • UMEME will then give you the final bill to clear your debt on the post-paid system.
  • You can make any enquiries about this bill and clear within a period of one month.
  • Depending on how you choose to clear your arrears or debt, the system will be set to accept your preferred debt payment option, as you continue to use Yaka!.

Your current security deposit will be used to offset your debt on contract renewal and to offset your initial units preloaded into your meter when it is installed. This is in order to allow you necessary time to make your first purchase of Yaka! credit.

Once you switch to convenience with Yaka! and clear your final bill, you will no longer receive any electricity bills.

No, your electricity will not be disconnected, as long as you do one of the following:

  • Clear your arrears before you switch to Yaka! to avoid any inconveniences.
  • Optionally, your outstanding arrears can be cleared as a percentage deducted every time you buy Yaka! credit until you have cleared all the arrears. 

These options only apply to active UMEME customers. If your UMEME account has been terminated and service recovered, you will be required to apply for power again and meet all new connection costs.

No, this will not be necessary with Yaka!; our team will only be making occassional visits to ensure that your Yaka! meter is functioning properly.

All UMEME technicians will carry company identification.

Yes, your electricity will go off when your Yaka! credit runs out. However, the Yaka! CIU will issue a warning beep when the credit is running low. When this happens, it is advisable to top up your Yaka! credit to avoid power shutdown and the related inconveniences.

No, you will not be charged for any electricity which is not directly consumed unless you choose to leave certain appliances on, like fridges, security lights, etc. This system also does away with estimates and mistakes in billing.

Simply call the UMEME Contact Center on 0800 185 185 or come to one of our UMEME outlets and give us your meter number, a Service Agent will then reprint your token number for you.

No. Your Yaka! tokens are unique and meter specific. They can only be used in your Yaka! meter once.

Yes, the Yaka! meter has surge protection which makes it safe.

No. All domestic and small commercial customers will be converted to the Yaka! Prepaid Metering system.

Yes, the Prepaid Metering Unit installed inside your house is safe.

No, the unit only carries communication signals just like a landline telephone set.

The Yaka! meter will not be accessible to the customer, only the Customer Interface Unit (CIU) will be. You will have the choice to determine where the CIU is installed for your convenience.

No, the Yaka! CIU is not dangerous; it is well protected and also mounted on a wall keeping it away from children and pets.

You will be able to keep track of your electricity usage details by checking the Yaka! meter through your Customer Interface Unit (CIU). On the display screen, the record of usage will show the amount of energy/credit remaining and other information as may be desired.

You can request for a consumption statement from Umeme Yaka vending offices.

No, at the time of buying energy the system generates a token for your specific meter and this token cannot be used by another meter. However, you can purchase energy units for friends using their meter number and send them the token.

Yes, load shedding is the systematic reduction of load from the distribution network to allow sharing of available electricity amongst all customers. Load shedding affects all customers and generally cannot be negotiated.

This can easily be explained practically using the following approved 2012 tariff:

The Domestic Tariff setting is structured as follows:

1 1 - 15 units (each month) 100
2 16 plus units (each month) 524.5
3 Monthly service fee 3360
4 VAT (Tax) 18% (total sum tendered)

Gives a discount for the first 15 units purchased every month which goes for UGX 100 each and the remaining units above the 15 units purchased every month go for UGX 524.5 each unit.

Therefore, for UGX 30,000 tendered in the first purchase the following breakdowns apply:

I. An illustration of UGX 30,000 tendered

1st Purchase/Transaction in the month
Transaction Amount 30,000
  Less 18% VAT 4,576.27  
  Less SSF 3,360 7,936.27
Costs of Units/kWh 22,063.73
Stepped Tariff for Domestic Customers
1st 15kWh 15kWh X 100 1,500  
Above 15kWh 39.2 kWh X 524.5 20,563.73  
Total kWh 54.2 kWh

II. For the second purchase, no service fee charged and all units cost UGX 524.5

2nd Purchase/subsequent transaction within the month
Transaction Amount 30,000
  Less 18% VAT 4,576.27  
  Less SSF NIL 4,576.27
Costs of Units/kWh 25,423.73
Domestic Customers
Above 15kWh 48.5 kWh X 524.5 25,423.73  
Total kWh 48.5 kWh