The customer shall be responsible for the security of the meter box and all its contents.

Yes, the customer is advised to be present to witness the commissioning of the meter box as well as take record of the metering details.

UMEME employees and contractors shall execute the works at customer premises. Personnel at site will always carry IDs with photos for identification.

Initially monthly reading by UMEME staff shall continue. As the project matures this shall cease and readings shall be done only in exceptional circumstances.

The AMR Installation shall be entirely free for existing UMEME customers.

Yes, you shall continue to receive a physical bill. We also encourage you to sign up for UMEME’s ‘e-bill’ facility for receipt of bill(s) directly to your email account.

AMR is different from YAKA. Currently AMR is being made available to Large Power Users. YAKA is for domestic and small commercial customers.

AMR will enable response teams to resolve faults and incidents faster than before.

The new meter box to be installed has the required equipment needed to implement AMR.

The new meter box is a metering installation. In-case of faults outages and / or load-shedding kindly call our helpline: 0800 185185/6, 0800 285285

The new meter box shall be available for Umeme’s customers in the Large Power User category.